Choosing the Right College or Institute

You want the best for your family. So do we.

At Fortis, we care about your family’s future. That’s why we’re so focused on supporting our students in all aspects of their education. Our team of academic advisors, career services professionals, admissions representatives, financial aid advisors, faculty, and other campus staff are all there to help our students at every phase of the process—and beyond. 


We are invested in our students’ career success. It’s how we measure ourselves and how we expect to be measured in turn. That’s why we’ve developed a whole suite of career services which begin the moment your family member walks in the door. Every part of our educational model is focused on concrete career outcomes—from our professional instructors, knowledgeable in their field, to our Learning Resource Center staff, who help students network and work on their resumes, to our dedicated Career Services office with its many resources.

Paying for your education

Tuition is always a big concern for parents, spouses, and other family members and friends. That’s why Fortis works with our students so closely, from the day of their campus visit, to help give them all the information to help craft a package that will work for their needs and their plans for the future. Our financial aid advisors are experienced working with all kinds of students. And they’re available to you throughout your education.

The Fortis Difference

We believe we are different than other career schools and colleges out there. Every member of the Fortis team is focused on our students’ success, and it shows in everything we do. Come visit your local campus with your family member or friend and see for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

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