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Your neighborhood Fortis Institute in Scranton, PA

Offering a variety of education programs in nursing, medical, dental and healthcare fields.

Fortis Institute in Scranton
517 Ash Street Scranton, PA 18509 (570) 558-1818
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  • Train for Your New Career at Fortis Institute in Scranton, PA

    If you are interested in training that will help you get started in an essential career, then Fortis Institute is the school you have been looking for. 

    Fortis Institute in Scranton prepares students for careers in nursing, medical assisting, medical billing & coding, expanded functions dental assisting and dental hygiene in a nurturing environment. Traditional classroom instruction is balanced with plenty of hands-on skill development that helps students develop the competence and confidence they need to pursue an entry-level position in their chosen field. Our comprehensive programs are taught by caring faculty who have decades of experience in the field and a commitment to helping you achieve your education goals. At Fortis our small class sizes and focus on real-world experience means that students learn by doing.

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    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare and medical career opportunities are forecast to grow over the next decade, due in part to our aging population and increased need for healthcare. Fortis offers a variety of medical and healthcare training programs to help meet this need.

    Message from the Campus President

    Welcome to the Fortis Family! I am grateful that you chose Fortis for your training and education.  The team at Fortis looks forward to helping you reach your goals in whichever field you have chosen. Start with the end in mind, see yourself walking the stage at graduation and in your new career; and you will succeed!

    Licensure and Certification

    The following programs may require licensure or certification to obtain employment. Please find your program of interest to determine if the program meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification in your state.