Who are you?

Whether you've settled on a career direction, or you're just not sure yet, Fortis is the right choice for you. Our career-focused recent grads are some of our most energetic, involved, and successful students, helping each other learn, network, and succeed on- and off-campus.

Recent Grads

If you've graduated high school and you're planning a future career in healthcare, computers, the skilled trades, the sciences, or professional work, you've come to the right place. Fortis is an accredited, outcomes-focused institution with locations around the country—and an online option, too, which is especially convenient for today's busy student. Learn more about Recent Grads 

Career Changers

Working adults need as much convenience and flexibility from their education as they can get, whether you're learning online, on campus, or a little of both. Learn more about Career Changers

Lifelong Learners

If you're looking for an affordable, convenient way to continue learning about subjects that interest you—or you need to develop skills for your job—you should consider Fortis. Our growing list of campuses and programs—and our online option—are convenient and accessible. Since Fortis is accredited, and the quality of our education is superior to other schools, employers are happy to send their employees to Fortis—either online or in person. Learn  more about Lifelong Learners

Parents and Family

At Fortis, we care about your family’s future. That’s why we’re so focused on supporting our students in all aspects of their education. Our team of academic advisors, career services, admissions representatives, financial aid, faculty, and other campus staff are all there to help our students at every phase of the process—and beyond. Learn more about Parents and Family 


Great employees?  Look no further.  A great workforce is hard to build. You need employees who are dedicated, focused, motivated, disciplined, AND skilled in their field. Fortis grads are all that and more. Learn more about Employers