Technology is Changing the Professional Landscape for Medical Technologists

HealthcareFebruary 27, 2019

From lugging around brick phones to answering calls on our watches, we don’t have to look hard to see how far technology has come in just the past few years. While every profession has felt the effects, healthcare has been more positively impacted by its advancement. Technological developments are leading to medical breakthroughs and discoveries, which is resulting in ever-greater opportunities for healthcare and medical professionals.

Sometimes, industry can change yet jobs remain the same. Think of a photographer - their job description has not changed much since the dawn of photographs but the method and equipment they use has drastically changed. From lugging around heavy film rolls to taking thousands of selfies of on our phones, the way we document our lives on film has changed.

While some of the equipment medical technologists use have changed, some things have stayed relatively the same. Medical technologists (such as medical lab technicians) still perform many of the same critical testing and diagnostic duties as they always have. These hidden heroes perform a wide range of tests that directly impact patient’s health; including pregnancy tests, cholesterol and other blood tests, drug therapy monitoring, and testing for diseases such as diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

Due to the constant breakthroughs and medical discoveries, medical technologists are expected to be up-to-date on the latest technology and testing methods. Fortis College is committed to training students who are prepared for the future of healthcare by offering a wide range of medical technologist programs such a Surgical Technologists, Radiologic Technologist, Medical Lab Technicians and Cardio Vascular Technologist. Click here for more information on programs available at your local Fortis campus  or call 1-855-436-7847 to speak with a representative today.  

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