Back to school: Excel As You Begin Nursing School

NursingAugust 01, 2021

When you were in elementary and high school, the first day was often filled with excitement as well as new notebooks, pencils, a backpack, and a sack lunch. When you’re headed off to nursing school, however, you may not know what to expect. While you’ll certainly need supplies, your day will look a lot different than your old school routines. Here are some things you can expect during your nursing education. 

Find a Routine that Works for You! 

Finding a study routine that works for you is important. Dedicating time and space for studying will be necessary, but you also may find that you will need to develop new habits, You know your workload will increase and you’ll be doing a lot of reading, so strong study habits are essential. While your first semester may be demanding, once you find a routine, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenging curriculum.  

Specialized Classes 

The courses you’ll may take include subjects like anatomy and physiology, biology, communication, English composition, mathematics, pharmacology, informatics, and health assessment. You’ll also likely take a variety of other classes that focus on specific areas of nursing practice including medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, mental health nursing, and maternal-newborn nursing. The curriculum is designed to give you an overview of the role nurses can play in the healthcare field and help you understand some of your potential career opportunities.  

Learning by Doing 

While a lot of the material will come from books and lectures, you’ll also get to do some immersive learning because nursing is a hands-on job. Simulation labs are set up to mirror the experiences you’ll get on the job. And clinicals put you in an actual hospital environment. During these experiences, you’ll take the information you learn in class and put it into practice. 


Assessments can be challenging because being a good nurse requires you to combine scientific knowledge with the art of human behavior. The exams are designed to get you to think and react in ways that help you develop a strong nursing practice. You may find that “old-school” methods of studying including flashcards and rewriting your notes are keys for your success. Developing study groups with your classmates is also a way to reinforce knowledge retention.  

Unique Supplies 

In addition to your textbooks, you’ll need routine school supplies for taking notes in class and studying for exams. But you’ll also need to put scrubs on your supply list. In addition to wearing them to your labs and clinicals, many nursing students wear to them to class, as well. Dressing for the job will help you get you into the right mindset and help keep you focused as you move closer to your chosen career.  

Nursing school will be different than the other schools you’ve attended. While you’ll be challenged academically, you’ll be taught what you need to prepare you for the licensing exam. Fortis can help you get on this exciting career path by providing you with a strong education. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 436-7847 and speak to one of our career counselors.