Dr. Robert Anders - The Call to Nursing

NursingJune 12, 2013

Every nurse answers a “calling” of sorts. For some, the desire to be a nurse begins at an early age and never lets up. Others may not get the call until they are older and exploring various career options. Driven to nursing because they feel a need to help people in crisis or because they love the challenge and science the health care field offers, they all genuinely care about the wellbeing of strangers, no matter what brought them initially into the field. If you’re exploring the options and possibilities nursing offers, you will notice there are a number of career paths you can take. But, whether you want to work directly with patients in a clinic or nursing unit, or you want to work in the community, rewarding opportunities await. Nursing is a scientific profession, yes, but it is more than that. It also is a compassionate art form requiring knowledge on how to work with patients in varying states of mind or agitation; how to complete countless nursing procedures; and how to deal simultaneously with the stresses of patients, coworkers, and physicians. It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. Visit to learn more. An expert in nursing education, Dr. Anders focuses on program and learning excellence.

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