Employee Motivation in the Nursing Profession

NursingJanuary 25, 2014


When discussing employee motivation, it is important to consider just what the employee's job entails, and then tailor the methods to the particular job. This motivation can travel in two entirely different directions, yet the goal is ultimately the same. For example, the motivation that keeps a factory worker in full speed is how much he or she can accomplish while keeping quality as a priority. They want the recognition from their superior that they are a fast worker while producing a quality product.

Nurses are motivated by their patients. The ultimate goal of a nurse is to keep the patient comfortable while journeying down the road to anticipated wellness. The joy that comes from taking care of other people, when they are unable to care for themselves, offers a sacrificial joy of the human heart that uplifts and inspires. Ultimately, that is enough for most in the nursing profession.

Employee motivation in either of these two scenarios though can be encouraged in quite the same manner. Employee motivation is easily accomplished and will produce a happier and more productive employee.

Here are some simple ways to increase employee motivation in the nursing profession:

Be Open to Suggestions

When someone has a suggestion that sounds even vaguely reasonable, it should be considered. You can never tell exactly what will work and what will not work. Some very unusual suggestions have turned out to be the key to solving problems in many situations.

Keep Communication an Open Door

Be available when someone has something that is weighing heavy on his or her heart. If they feel that they have someone that will try to understand and talk about a troubling situation in their lives, they are more apt to try to solve it in a productive manner. Be a good listener, and you will gain the respect of others.

Encourage Team Work

This can be encouraged by being an example yourself. Do not ever let anyone hear you say, "That is not my job." You are all on the same team, so working together is an absolute necessity in striving for excellence.

Recognize Others Who Go the Extra Mile

A kind word, a pat on the back or a simple "thank you" will inspire even more good work in the motivation of employees. It does not take much to give these things to others, but it will return tenfold in other ways.

Consider these ideas when dealing with employees or other team members. They will appreciate the fact that you gave them the benefit of the doubt when they had something to say. They will feel valued and respected, which is the ultimate motivator.

Photo Source:  Flickr