How to Interview Your Prospective Employer

NursingJanuary 07, 2021

Preparing for a job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. Often, your focus is on putting your best foot forward and impressing the hiring manager with your education, passion and experience. In the process, it’s easy to forget that you are also interviewing your potential employer to ensure they’re a good fit for you. Searching for and accepting a job should be a two-way street with your goal being to find an organization that is a match for your values and goals.

Before you go into your nursing interview, do your homework and identify some questions that can help you get to know the prospective employer.

  1. Start Online
    Get a feel for the mission and values of the institution by visiting its website. Many hospitals and clinics will have an About Us page where they share their vision. But don’t stop there. Go to social media pages and look for clues that the facility puts their words into action. For example, if a medical office claims its mission is to care for the underserved, look for posts or photos of their community programs that show their outreach is more than words. Alternately, you can search the web and see if any nonprofit organizations have recognized their contributions. 
  2. Talk to Current Employees
    You can also gain insights into an organization’s culture by talking to current employees. If someone in your network works for the facility, reach out by phone or email to ask their insights into what it’s like to work there and what they do or don’t like about their job. You may also want to do a search on LinkedIn which can help you identify if any current employees are graduates of your school. If so, they may be happy to speak to you and support a fellow alum. 
  3. Prepare Interview Questions
    During your interview, you’ll likely be asked if you have any questions. This is your chance to get more information about the things that matter most to you. For example, you may ask about the facility’s mentorship program, nurse-to-patient ratio, opportunities for continuing education, and more. You can also inquire about the organization’s values and how they demonstrate them. Ask your interviewer what they like most and least about working for the organization. In fact, many of the questions they ask you could be turned around and asked of them.
  4. Be Observant
    Finally, pay attention to how you’re treated during the interview. While you may be asked to wait past your interview time if your interviewer gets called into an emergency, make sure the potential employer demonstrates respect for your time. Also, pay attention to the staff members. Do they seem to like and respect each other, or do they look harried and disconnected? You want to find an employer that has a healthy culture, so look for clues in the working environment.

If an employer doesn’t seem like a good fit, keep looking. Nursing is a rewarding career and finding the right organization will help set the stage for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re considering becoming a nurse, get started with a Fortis nursing education. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 436-7847 and speak to one of our career counselors.