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Why You Might Like a Welding Career

Skilled TradesMarch 11, 2019

So, what is the appeal of welding? Fortis College Welding Program Director Josh Penland is here to share some words of welding insight, including his reasons for why he believes welders have rewarding and exciting careers. Who would say no to a job that fuses those two together?

Variety of Opportunities

“I first became interested in welding after hearing a few older gentlemen in my neighborhood discuss the numerous opportunities that a welding career can offer,” said Josh. Welding is a specialized trade that provides the chance to work in a variety of settings. From working in industries around the world to working for yourself, welding is a flexible profession where you get to use metallurgy, chemistry, physics, design and mechanical engineering every day on the job. 

Creative, Hands-On Work

There are many benefits to working with your hands. Psychology Today said  working with your hands satisfies a primal need to be productive and provides a sense of pride in completing the job. As Josh says, “I have always been a hands-on learner and someone who enjoys being creative. It allows me to bring my work to life and contribute to something bigger.”


Josh also says his career in welding has taken him across the U.S., from Florida all the way to California. Traveling welders, nicknamed “road warriors,” can travel the country and the world doing shipyard repairs, pipeline installation, on-board cruise ship repairs, or working for the military in a support role.  

Family Balance and Support

Fortis Welding Technology Program students come from different walks of life. “I have learned that most of our students are looking for a second chance. Many have a family and are looking for a career that can provide balance and support,” he says. “ I have watched this trade change so many lives for the better.”

Fortis offers Welding programs at campuses in Georgia, Ohio (Cuyahoga Falls and Cincinnati). If you are ready to pursue your profession in the welding industry, check out the campus pages on the website or call 1-855-436-7847 for more information and to schedule a campus tour to see the facilities.

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