Cookeville - Robin Beckham

Cookeville - Robin Beckham

Profile photo of Employer - Staff Development Manager, Pegasus Pharmacy

Employer - Staff Development Manager, Pegasus Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician

Fortis Institute in Cookeville

We are a long-term care pharmacy that prepares medication for 137 assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in 7 states.

I would say long-term care is the most rewarding career that I could be in, that anyone could be a part of. 

We look for Fortis graduates because we are part of an extern program from Fortis.  I’ve been involved with them for 9 years now. I was also a former graduate of 2006. 

I’m also an Advisory Board member, so I know the knowledge and everything they put into the classroom first hand, and that is vital to what we look for in employees.

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