Amanda R

Amanda R

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Amanda R

Dental Assisting

Fortis College in Columbia

Before coming to Fortis to do their dental assisting program I had been in the service industry, mostly waiting tables for roughly ten years and then I just got tired of that, I figured I had to get myself back to school in order to get out of the restaurant industry; the only way out is to go back to school.

My schedule going to Fortis … well, fortunately I was able to get the morning classes, so I came to school from 8:00 to 12:00, typically I get out 12:00-12:30 and then I would have maybe an hour and a half and then it was off to the restaurant to work all night.

My education from Fortis gave me a sense of being more goal oriented, made me feel, for lack of a better term, more grown up.  And I know that with what I have now, with my education, I can move forward and move on to bigger things.

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