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Amy F.

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Amy F.

Massage Therapy

Fortis Institute in Wayne

Just over a year ago I walked into your classroom not knowing a single person or what to expect. From day one it was a challenge.  Each class was full of new and exciting things to learn.  This was my time to shine and I had to take everything I could from this experience.  Every question I asked, and there were a lot, was answered fully.  With that extended support I was able to start not only my new career as a Certified Massage Therapist but my new business.  

On October 25, 2011, my first client stepped into my office.  I can not thank you enough for the care, support and knowledge you have given me over the past year.  I continue to take what you taught me and apply it to my business and my life.  I learn new things each day by keeping an open mind on new and exciting things in the massage world.  I even took away with me some really great friendships.

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