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Anthony B.

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Anthony B.

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Forty Fort

The reason why I wanted to get more into the medical field is because my family comes from medical; my mom’s a nurse, my brother’s a paramedic. I figure it’s a better field to get into.

What I do right now is I work for Internal Medicine Partners for Dr. Mario Adhar. I do a lot of the labs, checking in and out patients, prior authorizations, giving injections.

I enjoy the patient communication and developed a good friendship with a lot of people.

My education has increased more now where I am learning more and more from different offices. Fortis gave me this education to take on to what I know, to learn more down the road.

My personal life has gotten a lot better it’s been easier on my kids and my family. My work schedule has been perfect where I can see my kids a lot. Yeah, it’s pretty much has been pretty good.

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