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April H.

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April H.


Fortis College in Smyrna

My personal life has changed a great deal after coming to Fortis.  It took me out of what for me was a dead-end rep job and put into a career where there’s a future for me.  

There might have been other schools out there, but for me this was the best one, the best fit as far as scheduling and location and everything.

A lot of people get into para-medicine talking about saving lives, but that’s always not a choice that we always have whether or not we can save them; but having a positive impact on somebody’s life when they’re having a really bad day is huge for me.

We subject ourselves to everything, all the weather, potential violence, exposure to illnesses, you know, things that the average person could never even think about seeing in their lifetime and it’s just a normal day for us.  

But it’s wonderful because maybe we deliver a baby then, so that’s a happy thing; and, you know, somebody gets saved because we were where we were supposed to be at the time.

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