Candace S.

Candace S.

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Candace S.

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Pensacola

Life after school and being in the field it is good for me and my children.  I actually was pregnant during my time here at Fortis and now that I have two little babies I am able to be home at night, I am able to home on weekends which I love and they love, I get more time with them.  My daughter always asks, mommy where do you work; I get to tell her the exciting place I work over at the clinic, I get to see patients, so it is exciting for me and them.

The most influential people in my life would probably be my mother and my children.  My mother because she was a single parent and she raised me working a couple of jobs at a time and got me through school.  My children because they have given me a reason to do everything I am doing to work so hard for them.

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