Dana C.

Dana C.

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Dana C.

Medical Office Administration

Fortis College in Columbia

Coming to Fortis College really did change the way I look at life and being a successful person.  A lot of people don’t think they can afford higher level education but when you put your mind to it and make the sacrifice – it will work in the end.

Doing the (Medical Office Administration) program was a challenge; it required a lot of hard work and commitment but there is no success without effort.  

I am proud of my achievement and looking forward to my career.   Special thanks to a great cousin who took care of my nephew and took me and my sister (Medical Assistant program) here and picked us up.  She made sure we were able to get here (even though she was also attending school).  We were all doing something positive together; we looked at it the same way and helped each other out in any way we could.

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