Delores N.

Delores N.

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Delores N.

Medical Office Administration

Fortis College in Columbia

I always wanted to go into Medical Office Administration because I had a lot of experience in patient care and wanted to get administrative credentials that would open up other opportunities.  I also wanted to get up to date using computerized administrative systems.  I was attracted to FORTIS College initially through TV ad and when I contacted the Admission Representative, he convinced me of the value of the program and I knew that it was in line with my goals.

The FORTIS College instructors were very informed, very patient and helpful.  Some of the younger students also helped out – I learned from them and they learned from me.  I also had good family support too while attending the program.  My goal at the start of the program was 100% attendance and to be on the honor roll, I almost made the first goal and missed very little time overall – but I did achieve academic honors and ended the program on Dean’s List!

I am really proud of my achievement, this is a deferred ambition realized and now I look forward to the career opportunities this will open up.  I really do believe the name “FORTIS” represents what we do here and I would recommend the college to anyone.

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