Gary L.

Gary L.

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Gary L.

I wanted to get into heating and cooling because I got downsized from my first job.

And I was looking for something that was going to give me stability. The heating/cooling world is definitely stability. It’s a career that I know I will retire at.

I chose to attend Fortis because at the time I was doing some research and Fortis gave me that schedule that I was looking for. Basically I went half a day and then eventually got a job with One Hour working the rest of the day out in the field.

Four years ago I was a student. Now I am a service manager, managing a team of 50+ technicians and we’ve got our install team and so on; it’s definitely allowed me to ramp up pretty quick.

But the biggest thing I always come back to Fortis, I recruit from Fortis and I currently have several techs that work for me now.

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