James T.

James T.

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James T.

Emergency Medical Technician

Fortis College in Mobile

I was a firefighter for the Army but we didn’t have the EMT portion of it.

The reason I wanted to be in the EMT line of work is to help people in the community, just to get out there and actually be a part of something better.

I am actually a career firefighter for the City of Mobile. What I like most about that is every day is something different, every day I get up, put my boots on, go to work and I don’t know what is going to happen; I know it could be good, it could be bad but it is just my job to make it better.

Mobile Fire required that we become EMT basics before a full-time hire.

If someone was to write a story about me I would hope that everything they found out about me would be good things, that I loved everything that had to do with being an EMT, a fireman and everything I have done in my life.

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