Jamie S.

Jamie S.

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Jamie S.

Dental Assisting

Fortis Institute in Pensacola

Here at Fortis I was able to connect with my teachers and the staff and other students, working in smaller groups, making it more personable, being able to sit down and speak to my instructor’s one on one instead of just an email.  

In my personal life my Fortis education has changed it dramatically.  

Now working a full-time job, getting a full-time paycheck, living in a one bedroom apartment on my own, I just bought a car, saving for a house, things like that are more feasible, I am able to do those things with my Fortis education and it is strictly because of that.  Anyone can get trained in an office but I got hired for my education and for my degree, I didn’t get hired just because my doctor felt like I could do orthodontics.

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