Kenneth B.

Kenneth B.

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Kenneth B.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Trades

Fortis College in Columbia

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Joined the military about 22-23 out of college and served 21 years.  Retired here in Columbia, South Carolina.

Coming out of the service I worked for auto dealership part-time.  Really didn’t want to get into anything full-time.  Decided to go back to school and came to Fortis here in Columbia.  

As far as changing my personal life, I finally got a certificate, completion of something.  I’ve got probably over 200 hours of college.  I’m master of a lot and graduated from none.  But I actually finished the program, got to walk the stage and got a certificate.  So it’s actually something that I actually completed.

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