Leah L.

Leah L.

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Leah L.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Cincinnati

Oh, my kids love it. They love the fact that I am a nurse. They think it’s the coolest thing in the world. They tell everyone. They’re like “my mom is a nurse!” “You have a boo boo? Go see my mom.”

The day I graduated they had the biggest smiles on their faces. It was huge accomplishment for us and they knew that our life was going to be different because of it.

The education and the degree that I got from here has allowed me to just be able to participate. I am able to go to their schools and volunteer. I’m able to go to their classrooms, - I was never able to do that before. There was just so much that I didn’t realize that I was missing out on until I had gotten to experience it and now I’ve been experiencing it I’m like I wouldn’t trade any of this for anything. It’s been really amazing.

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