Lisa M.

Lisa M.

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Lisa M.

Dental Assisting

Fortis College in Columbia

I have always been interested in dentistry and decided to enter the Dental Assistant program at FORTIS to get started in the profession. The fact that the program was just under a year was a deciding factor too.

I worked a full-time job all the time while I attended the program. My husband was overseas for much of that time and he’d call in the early morning hours so this was an extended period of sleep deprivation. When it came to the externship portion of the program, I still worked the full-time job, studied, and attended the externship, surviving on about three to five hours of sleep a night.

I enjoyed working with the FORTIS instructors; my particular class grew together and we continue to be a close-knit group. Now that I have completed the program and started work as a Dental Assistant, I am very happy with my achievement and best of all – I don’t have to work three jobs anymore!

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