Madeline C.

Madeline C.

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Madeline C.

Medical Billing and Coding

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a retired New York City police officer. I have six kids and I’m getting married in April. 

Before attending Fortis Institute I was retired and I was looking for a career. I was looking for something else to do. 

I did look into another school, but it wasn’t what I was looking for and when I came here and the first person that I spoke to at the school just made me feel really comfortable with them; so I felt like that this was a good fit for me. 

My Fortis education has helped me to feel better about myself. You know, I feel that now there is nothing that I can’t do. 

And you can always do something more; it doesn’t matter. There is always something new; even now for me this is not the end; you know, there’s still more for me to come.

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