Mary S.

Mary S.

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Mary S.

I attended the Fortis College in Salt Lake City and I went to the medical assisting program.

The reason why I wanted to get into the medical field, I had been a dental assistant for 20 years and I wanted to take it one step higher to the medical assisting.

When I attended Fortis the schedule was absolutely wonderful.

I was home when my child got home from school, I had study groups galore at my house with the other students.

The education I received here at Fortis made a great difference in my personal life. I found myself doing my homework with my daughter. My daughter started getting better grades. She was so proud of me going back to school.

I struggled in my life about 20 years ago. I found myself unprofessional unsuccessful. I came to Fortis so I could prove to myself that I can do it and I did.

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