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Miriam S.

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Miriam S.

Dental Hygiene

Fortis College in Salt Lake City

So as a dental hygienist part of my job is to provide preventative care for patients; I help to keep their mouths healthy and clean and also help protect their systemic health.

My reason for choosing Fortis College a lot of it was the accelerated course.  It was something that helped me continue out through the summer, I could get my degree a lot quicker than other schools could provide.

The career service here is fantastic.  They have helped me build a really strong resume.  They have helped me to, not just a resume for education and employment, but to also be able to add things to it like volunteer hours and things like that and how best to display that. 

I think with me going to school a lot of times my son would be like mom you work all the time, and I always try to explain to him that we work hard so that we can have a good comfortable life and how important it is to go to school and get an education.  So I kept trying to model that example for the kids.

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