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Medical Billing and Coding School

Get Your Medical Billing and Coding School Training at Fortis

Now is the right time to start training for your career as a Medical Billing and Coding professional. Critical to our growing healthcare industry, medical billing and coding professionals are essential healthcare workers.

Our experienced and dedicated faculty present a comprehensive curriculum through a balance of traditional classroom and small group instruction. The Fortis program covers a range of topics including medical terminology, office management, as well as the important and medical coding techniques. Experiential by design, students are guided through real-world situations that prepare them for working in both office and hospital settings.  

We help students gain the competence and confidence so that upon graduation they are prepared to begin their careers in the world of medical billing and coding. 

Offered at select campuses, Fortis’s medical billing and coding training program is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to pursue entry-level positions in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, dental offices, nursing homes, insurance companies and more. Call today to learn how to get started training for your career as a medical billing and coding professional.