Sterile Processing Technician Programs

Sterile Processing Technician School

Sterile Processing Technician School

The main duty of a Sterile Processing Technician is to insure that instruments used by the medical team are contaminant-free.  In the Sterile Processing Technician program at Fortis, students are instructed on proper techniques to clean and sterilize medical instruments and to understand microbiology and infection control methods.  

At Fortis, students learn the proper names and categories of medical instruments and how to properly transfer and store instruments to keep them contaminant-free.  The experienced and dedicated faculty present a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, including traditional classroom instruction, hands-on skill development in lab environments and other practical real-world experience.

Graduates of the Fortis sterile processing training program will be prepared for entry-level positions in hospitals, physicians' offices, inpatient and outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers and other healthcare facilties.

If you are interested in playing a major behind-the-scenes role in healthcare, then Fortis’s Sterile Processing Technician program may be the right one for you.  Our Sterile Processing Training programs are taught at Fortis campuses in Florida, Texas and Virginia.  Call Fortis today to schedule a campus visit or click here to request more information. 

* Contact local campus for licensure requirements.