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Fortis College in Mobile, AL: Paramedic

Train to Become a Paramedic with Courses at FORTIS Schools

For a career in the emergency medical services field, a paramedic / EMT training program may be your best choice as the way to enter the field.  FORTIS conveniently has schools in Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania that offer programs to educate students with the skills necessary to provide emergency medical care at an advanced life support level so they can pursue a career working with an ambulance service, fire department or hospital after graduation.

Paramedics are a critical part of the healthcare team and the community in general.  Upon completion of the Paramedic program at FORTIS, students will be able to prepare for licensure to properly assess, manage, and transport patients at an Advanced Life Support Level of competence.

At FORTIS, our programs feature a full range of emergency medical first responder equipment and expert EMT training.  Students learn in lecture classrooms, medical and computer laboratories, and in off-site hospital environments.  We also have equipped ambulances for hands-on training.  Our classroom and learning resource centers contain journals, resource materials, and numerous titles related to various aspects of emergency medical services will expose students to the skills necessary to provide emergency medical care. 

Request information from a FORTIS admissions representative today to enroll in one of our Paramedic training schools.