Programs in Phlebotomy and Laboratory Assisting

Phlebotomy and Laboratory Assistant Programs

Explore a Career in ​​Phlebotomy and Laboratory Assisting

Working in a hospital, physician's office or medical laboratory can be exciting work and these facilities have a consistent need for qualified employees who have completed phlebotomy training and lab assistant training programs. Students who complete the Phlebotomy and Laboratory Assisting program at Fortis are prepared for the challenge.

In our Phlebotomy and Laboratory Assisting training program, students are taught by experienced and dedicated faculty the skills they need to assist physicians with patient care. Graduates of our program learn to draw blood and other bodily fluids for lab work and perform necessary tests to help with patient diagnosis and treatment.

Our comprehensive curriculum is a balance of traditional classroom instruction and supervised opportunities for real-world skills development. At Fortis, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to pursue an entry-level position in a clinic, hospital or other healthcare facility. As a graduate of the Fortis phlebotomy and lab assistant programs, you will be an essential member of the healthcare team. Our nurturing learning environment and caring faculty and staff come together to help each student find success in less time than you might think. 

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