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The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) training program at Fortis prepares students for entry-level employment as HVAC Technicians. Sometimes known as HVAC mechanics or HVAC installers, the HVAC program at Fortis prepares students for all the challenges they may face as entry-level technicians in commercial or residential environments. 

Our knowledgeable and dedicated HVAC program faculty shares decades of experience with students so they will learn to install, service and repair today’s complex heating and cooling systems including commercial refrigeration, gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning. Fortis’s HVAC training also includes hands-on work in computerized diagnostics that are present in virtually every modern system.

Considered essential workers, HVAC technicians are taught to manage and troubleshoot all types of ventilation systems that are critical to maintaining healthy, comfortable environments.  The comprehensive HVAC training program at Fortis teaches students to apply theory and principles taught in class and lab settings to their hands-on real world simulations so they can build their confidence and competence as they work toward pursuing an entry-level position. 

Upon completion of the HVAC training program at Fortis, graduates will be prepared for entry-level employment as an HVAC technician. Request more information today to get started at any of our HVAC training schools in Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana or Pennsylvania!

HVAC School Graduate - Ethan C.