William C

William C

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William C

Electrical Systems Technician

Fortis Institute in Wayne

Before I came to school I worked in a factory in a printing press.

I came to Fortis Institute to take control of my life. I felt like I didn’t have no control of my life so when I came to Fortis Institute it gave me that control, the ability to do what I wanted to do in my life for so long.

I progressed a lot once I entered the electrical field. It was tremendous how fast I grasped what they was teaching and what I was learning and that when I went out there to do it, I was able to put those tools to use.

They gave me the opportunity to help on hiring people like me myself that could help benefit the company not only for themselves as well. Coming from Fortis Institute the best thing to do is to give back and try to hire people back from the school that you graduated from.

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