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Get Your Degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Criminal Justice and More

Choosing the right school to pursue a business or professional education is an important decision because attending business school can prepare you for any of a variety of careers. As a graduate from a FORTIS business program, you can be prepared for entry-level positions in traditional business fields such as management, marketing, accounting, business administration or human resources. Those with the ambition and discipline to complete a FORTIS business, paralegal or criminal justice progam will have the chance to discover rewarding opportunities for advancement in these fields as their careers progress over time.

A good education opens doors in almost any industry or organization for the person with the right skills. Picking a business program is a very personal choice. For many, the decision you’ll make involves tradeoffs between finances (the need to support a family), your age (high school graduate vs. mid-life career changer), and future career plans (start your company or work for a big corporation).

At FORTIS, our admissions representatives will work with you to match your skills and desires to the right program. For some it’s a short term training or diploma program while others choose to pursue an associate degree program. Completing your business school program at FORTIS can open the door to career opportunities with a path for future growth. A solid business education will give you grounding in the basics of business that you can apply to build your own business or to help build someone else’s company or firm. Today’s business market is highly competitive so those people with proven skills, a positive can-do attitude and the drive to succeed will be those most likely to prosper.