Holly S.

Holly S.

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Holly S.

CED Programs

Fortis College in Centerville

I was doing dental assisting before I decided to come to Fortis College.

My goal was always to become a dental hygienist.  I love interacting with the patients, I love it.  I love seeing them every three or six months and getting to know them and their stories and their families and to be able to improve their overall health.

I chose Fortis because it was close and because I loved the class size.  It was really small and the interaction with teachers was like so hands-on.  I could get hold of any of my teachers whenever I needed to and they knew me and I knew them.

Career services was great in helping us make sure we had a great resume and being prepared for interviews and being able to go out there in the real world and just to be ready.

Family is really important to me so through my hard work, through my education, becoming a dental hygienist, I was able to be there as a mom and to be there for my family.

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