Shaniqua A.

Shaniqua A.

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Shaniqua A.

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

I attended the Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie, Florida and my major was medical assisting. 

Before attending Fortis I was honestly just trying to find something to do with my life. I had little dead-end jobs here and there. 

What I do now is I am a medical assistant. I absolutely love interacting with people. My favorite part of the job would be the hands-on meaning the phlebotomy, the injections, the EKG’s everything, I love that. 

If you are interested in the medical field go for it, it’s very rewarding and the benefits … not just benefits from insurance or anything … but the benefits of helping people and being there for people and seeing that you are a part of their healing process…you know what I’m saying … because it’s like they are getting treated and you are a part of that. I would tell them go for it, don’t delay, go right now.

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