Teshieka C.

Teshieka C.

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Teshieka C.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Columbia

I am a second generation nurse, so initially I was working in politics and government prior to starting nursing school.

What really made me make the change was I actually started working in a hospital system in Jacksonville, Florida which is where I was living after I finished undergraduate school and I really fell in love with patients.

So in that time, I decided I was going to go to nursing school, so came back home and made the decision to come to nursing school.

I chose Fortis for a number of reasons to get my Associates Degree.  The first reason was that it was local.  

In addition to that there were staff members here that really cared when I came to orientation.  There were people here who made me feel like I want to be invested in your education and I want to see you grow and that for me pushed me to say that’s the place I need to be.

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