Tracy A.

Tracy A.

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Tracy A.

Cardiovascular Technology

Fortis Institute in Nashville

I looked online, I found Fortis and when I came in and spoke to my admissions rep everybody was just so nice, and so friendly, and so welcoming that I felt like there was no other option.

I am a cardiovascular technologist.  Actually, I went on and got my licensing to practice, which makes me a registered cardiovascular invasive specialist and I work in a cardiac cath lab.  

I wouldn’t have my career without the education I got here at Fortis.  

As far as my personal life, financially I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been.  I’m more confident in myself.  I feel like I can accomplish things that I couldn’t accomplish in the past.  I’m happier, much happier, than I was before.

My children and my husband and providing a better life for them is definitely something that influenced a lot of the decisions that I made coming here.

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